If you want to lose weight, have these foods to decrease appetite. These foods are healthy low in calories which will aid in weight loss.

If you are one of the many people who is struggling hard to shed those extra pounds, then you are not the only one. Everyone suggests to focus on a healthy diet and eat less. Well, it is not easy to suppress your appetite. You need to gradually decrease your appetite in a healthy way. Most of the people skip meals so as to lose weight. Lack of nutrient requirements and minerals in the body leads health problems especially in the stomach.

When you are in the process of decreasing appetite, you need to have patience and self-control. As the stomach flex easily, you might feel hungry and not full for a few days. So, you need to bring self-control so as curb appetite and reduce it. Here is a list of some of the best foods to eat for appetite control:

Ways To Control Your Appetite

Ways To Control Your Appetite

Appetite Suppressant Foods:

Bagels & Other White Bread Items

Bagels are a breakfast favorite that tricks you into thinking they fill you up while providing energy you need to get through your day. However, white bagels that are made without whole grains are a carb-dense food with little fiber. A whole grain bagel has about 7 grams of fiber compared to the 2 grams of fiber typically found in a plain, white bagel. These items may fill you up at first, but they won’t keep you full as long as a few eggs served with a piece of whole-grain toast.

Protein Bars

Protein is typically a very long lasting and filling food unless it’s paired with sugar and simple carbs. Many protein bars can lead to more cravings. You have to remember to read ingredient labels on these products to determine if your “healthy snack” is more like a candy bar full of sugar, simple carbs and artificial flavors before you grab this snack. When choosing these items, look for types that include more whole foods like nuts, seeds and dried fruits.


Apples are full of soluble fiber in the form of cellulose, pectin and water. The soluble nature of the fiber in the apple can work to swell in the gut providing a feeling of fullness. Apples also deliver pectin, which has been found to suppress glucose and fat absorption, reducing the glycemic response. A single medium-sized apple can deliver less than 100 calories, 25 g of carbs and 4 g of fiber.

Cookies & Donuts

Have you ever wondered about how you can eat a bunch of cookies and still be hungry? Most cookies found in the grocery store are high in sugar and refined carbs, while being low in complex carbohydrates, fiber, protein and good fats. Baked goods are simple carbohydrates that are rapidly broken down and digested by the body, leading to highs and lows in energy and poor appetite control. Most people will not experience a sustained feeling of fullness when they eat these refined items, even though they are full of calories and fat. Once they digest and your blood sugar crashes, and you end up right back where you started. Our bodies are intuitive, and will keep signaling that food is needed until you ingest something that offers nutritional density, not just something that takes up room in the stomach.


Juice is stripped of its natural fiber from fruits and vegetables, so it does nothing for satiety. If you are going to drink juice, read the label to see if the beverage is 100% juice or opt to make your own fruit juice from fresh-picked oranges and lemons, to avoid quenching your thirst with an unhealthy choice.


Candy is really high in sugar that can wreak havoc on appetite control. This is from consuming more sugar than the body can process, so we crash, causing cravings for more sugar and carbohydrates. For a better snack option, opt for a trail mix made of nuts and dried fruit or an apple with real nut butter.

Diet Soda

For those who grab a carbonated beverage to quench their thirst and appetite. However, even though they say calorie-free, diet soda does the opposite when it comes to managing cravings and weight. Doctors & nutritionists argue that diet soda actually increases our desire and tolerance for sweets, which can easily alter your body’s ability to manage hunger and sugar cravings.

Oat Bran

Foods for Appetite Control

Foods for Appetite Control

High fiber foods can help to fill the gut, which in turn sends a signal to the brain along the vagus nerve that the gut is full and is no longer hungry. This action can shut off the hormonal pathways associated with hunger. High fiber foods, like Oat Bran, are digested slowly, and thus avoid causing large spikes in blood glucose and insulin, unlike simple carbs. Just two tablespoons of Oat Bran can deliver 18 g of complex cabs and 12 g of fiber. Oat Bran, Rice Bran or Wheat Bran can be added to existing recipes, thrown in your oatmeal or added to a hearty shake to bump up the fiber content of food. The daily recommended amount of fiber is 25 g.

Green Tea

Green tea not only burns fat but also is a very good appetite suppressant food. It stimulates the release of hormones, which are responsible for curbing food carvings.